As a Gift

The first step in using a quote from as a gift is knowing something about the individual you are making the gift for.  As with any other type of gift, nothing is more appreciated than a thoughtful gift that takes the unique aspects of the recipient into consideration.  In this situation, consider their attitudes, philosophies and current life's situations.  Are they trying to overcome a recent failure or setback or trying to muster up the courage to take on a new but maybe risky endeavor or are they just in a slump?  You will find witty and concise quotes and sayings in that address each of these types of situations and many more.

O.K., so now you've found that appropriate quote or saying, what's next?  If you know where the recipient might display your gift,  popular designer colors like mauve or teal are good choices to accent the surrounding decor.  If your gift is designed to be uplifting, something in a light pastel like yellow or blue with a colorful border might be appropriate.  If the recipient is more likely to display your gift in the workplace, something more stately like no color background and just a simple border or corner decoration.

All in all, that's the beauty of, you can custom design the perfect gift.  Finally, although regular inkjet or laser printer paper works great, a matte or glossy finished heavy weight paper will produce a quality looking gift that can be reframed as decor and display locations change.  Also, not to skip over the issue of framing, this is another area you can personalize and make your gift a stand out.  A descent quality frame that is coordinated with the display location is a nice touch.  Sometimes a frame larger than 8 x 10  with a color coordinated mat can be a great effect.

As you can see, there are a lot of considerations and options in planning your gift.  We hope we have given you some ideas, but most of all, we hope you have lots of fun and tell your friends about  Remember, we are always adding new quotes, sayings and backgrounds so you can find that perfect gift.