As Decor

Backgrounds, borders, frames and mats are all components you can work with to compliment your decor.  But don't over look the fact that a well selected quote, proverb or saying from makes a statement about you as much as your decor does.  Find a selection you feel strongly about, that reveals something about your perspective on life.

Once you have chosen that special quote that is all about you, we can move on to background, frames and mats.  Now here is another opportunity for relating your personal feelings about the quote you have selected from You can choose  colorful backgrounds and borders that are light and cheerful.  Maybe you feel your quote is the cornerstone of your business principles and something more distinguished like a plain white background with a modest border or corner decoration is more appropriate.  Whichever way you go, make sure it is a reflection of you.

Frame selections are a great way to really start tying it in with your selected display location.  There are a multitude of wood grain frames both light and dark, that can coordinate with your furnishings or woodwork trim. You can also find a number of frames with a color accent.  This can work well with the primary or secondary colors in your decor.  Another way to bring accent colors into your display is through the use of frame mats.  Step up to the next size larger frame and make your size transition with a single or double mat, coordinating your accent colors into the mats.

You can see how easy it is and how many options you have to express what is important to you and coordinate it with your living or work environment, with the help of